The top five most boring wedding gifts

By August 21, 2016giftoramblings

Once upon a time, there was a traditional wedding. The bride and groom eagerly awaited the moment when they would finally be united and live together. Once upon a time, there were traditional gifts, too. They were good gifts as the newlyweds were starting from scratch, and they needed a lot of things to kit out their new home. Times have changed though. The modern way of living allows a lot of couples to live together and equip their household way before they seal it with a ring. For this reason, what was once a lovely and useful gift becomes a dull and uncreative thing that could easily stay wrapped in box forever. In this article, we present the top five most boring gifts you could bring to a wedding. Here they are, in no particular order:

01. Toaster

The synonym for the lame wedding gift! Sure, it’s a useful kitchen appliance, but one is quite enough. Did we mention that a U.K. couple from Nottingham got 27 toasters as wedding gifts?

02. Glasses

Glasses are for drinking; therefore, you can’t go wrong with them as a gift. It’s a pity he prefers a beer from the bottle. Luckily, she drinks red wine. Yes, red wine, not white. Ooooops!

03. Towels

That will work… if you want Mr. and Mrs. to think of you each time they step naked out of the shower. By the way, you took care to match the towels with their bathroom tiles, right? No? Oh well…

04. Cutlery

Unless the newlyweds are opening a restaurant, it might be wise to reconsider your options. And no, they are not planning to throw a party like this every weekend.

05. Dishes

OK, we admit it might be useful to have some extra dishes for those times when she wants to start throwing plates at her loved one, but that doesn’t happen very often. Or does it?

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