How likely are you to reach your golden anniversary?

By June 13, 2016giftoramblings

We have a friend whose parents recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, which is quite an achievement, no doubt about that! Our friend felt really proud and was very happy for them. The jubilee made him think about their accomplishment; he wondered what percentage of couples do eventually reach that milestone, and he asked for our help finding out. Unfortunately, we did not find any relevant statistics on reaching one’s golden anniversary, as a formula to determine this probability would be quite complex (many variables would have to be taken into account, such as the year of marriage, time frame, divorce rate, deaths, etc.), and such calculations simply have not been done.

However, we did find Census Bureau Reports from 1996 and 2009, which give us some interesting comparable data related to the percentage of currently married couples that have reached certain anniversaries. We used those figures to create so-called micro-content, a form of mini infographic we are sure you will enjoy.

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