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Giftograph is powered by Infographic Box IDS, a full service agency narrowly specialized for infographic services. In only 3 years since founded we’ve successfully realized over 300 projects for well-known global clients, mostly from USA. We are proud to say that we’ve been selling visual content to some of the world’s largest brands, media companies, organizations and creative agencies. All of them recognized the benefits of engaging our top-quality creative team for their own needs as well as demands of their customers.

Our team gathers unbelievably cool professionals, highly educated in their fields of expertise. Although young and playful boys in their hearts, we are talking about experienced people in their prime with a huge success in work with media as creative directors, chief editors, graphic artists, journalists and proofreaders. It’s interesting to know that 3 core designers in our creative team combined have already more than 40 years’ experience in infographic work with the most demanding clients.

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